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Now you may qualify for tax deductions OVER $1.80 per square foot for installation or design of efficient lighting, HVAC, or building envelopes.  Our team has assisted with 179d deductions since its inception in 2006, being some of the first to specialize in 179d tax deductions.  We will maximize your deductions and provide industry-leading assurance and security through our partnership with one of the most prominent and respected accounting firms in the country. 

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Located near Louisville, KY, Dohn Engineering is not just a local Licensed Energy Consulting firm.  We carry Professional Engineering licenses in multiple states to provide the flexibility needed for your projects.


We uniquely specialize in Energy Consulting & 179D Consulting in an independent way that earns trust in the facility management industry... our energy analysis greatly benefits from our HVAC design knowledge/experience yet we encourage our energy consulting clients to use their own preferred design firm/solutions provider for the Mechanical HVAC Engineering & Design and offer no-cost coordination with those firms.  We also would be happy to suggest some very reputable firms/solutions providers based on our own experience in the industry.

Seek a great ROI.

Proper energy analysis has a great return on investment and is catered to the needs of the client and their facility.  Big is not always best.  Not every building needs an ASHRAE Level 3 energy audit and calibrated energy model... the level of required analysis is influenced by two general factors:


  • The condition of the facility (known energy/operational cost centers, comfort, or performance issues)


  • Plans for the facility (timeframe, scope needs/limitations)


Some facilities may need nothing more than a utility bill audit, benchmarking, and possibly a quick, high-level building automation check (if controls exist).  Leverage the best energy path for your facility.  See below for our line card of services.  Our knowledge is not just limited to lighting, controls, VFDs, and simple equipment retrofits.

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  • 179D Engineering Tax Deduction Analysis - The 2005 Energy Policy Act provides great tax deduction incentive of up to $1.80 / square foot for facility owners and municipal facility designers/contractors.  Your facility upgrades in HVAC, lighting, and building envelope may qualify. 

  • 45L Engineering Tax Credit Analysis - $2000 per dwelling tax credit for multifamily developers for both new construction and substantial reconstruction and rehabilitation.  This tax analysis must be completed by a qualified 3rd party.  Our team of engineers and tax experts are here to assist.

  • Utility Bill Audits (Energy and/or Error Auditing) - Often the best first step.  Utility bills can be audited for errors and energy procurement/source alternatives.  They can also be weather-normalized for more accurate comparison to prior years, and energy usage is benchmarked against peer facilities to forecast the possibilities. 


  • Energy Star Building Certification – Please inquire about the many benefits.


  • Facility Energy Surveys/Audits – Custom independent facility audits available to fit a wide budget range.  ASHRAE Level I, II, and III Audits are also available.


  • Energy Modeling - Investment-Grade & Calibrated – A powerful tool for facility owners and system designers.  Analysis backed by an experienced independent licensed mechanical engineer.  Facility managers and system designers will now have the ability to identify comfort issues, guide adjustments, and predict energy usage prior to large investments in facility upgrades, additions, or new facilities.  (Allow 4-6 weeks for completion of initial model).  Backed by 15 years experience in high-liability performance contract energy modeling accurate enough to guarantee energy savings.  Proven.


  • LEED/Compliance Modeling – Compare a conceptual or existing facility to universal standards of efficiency by having it modeled adjacent to ASHRAE/IECC baseline specifications (often code minimums).


  • Facility Performance Analysis & Diagnostics – HVAC plant efficiency benchmarking and analysis (boilers, chillers, heat pumps, heat exchangers, DX equipment, etc), air/hydronic flow analysis, thermal imaging, power quality analysis, and data logging/system monitoring.


  • Comfort Diagnostics & Load Modeling – Inspections, load modeling and air balance consulting to resolve comfort complaints and unmet load hours (thermostat setpoints not met).


  • Mold/Moisture Diagnostics – Poor HVAC design/operation can create problems.  Roof and foundation issues are not always the source.


  • Commercial Facility Inspections/Assessments for Appraisals & Acquisitions (Specialist) – Prior to purchasing a building or signing a major lease, it is recommended to audit existing facility energy usage and impending operational/maintenance costs.  Much more detail is provided in the areas of energy usage and mechanical systems (HVAC) than a typical inspection.  Note: a traditional commercial building inspection is still advisable to cover structural issues or maintenance issues that do not affect energy or the state of the HVAC/controls system, and Dohn Engineering, with its partnerships, can provide a full commercial building inspection if needed.  Specific to the energy/HVAC portion of the inspection, the scope will likely include benchmarking utility bills, inspecting controls/HVAC systems, noting install dates/preventative maintenance/reactive maintenance records to estimate life expectancy, identifying HVAC/lighting/controls system types and model specs while comparing to current standards of efficiency and determining obsolescence and upgradability (energy modeling may also be beneficial here depending on the client's needs).


Energy Consulting & Facility Assessment Services: