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179D Tax Deduction /
45L Tax Credit

Energy Audits & Energy Modeling Services


We are one of very few providers who can bring you the ideal package:​

  • One of few firms where our leadership's history with 179d dates back to the beginning of the 2005 EPACT.

  • We include a money-back guarantee, not just the typical guarantee of representation during an audit, although this is also included.

  • Specializing in 179d deductions with an extensive engineering background for a correct analysis truly maximizing the deduction.

  • Full engineering licensure. 

We have the ethics to go with it.

  • Impeccable reputation with the IRS - no audit changes or rejections to-date.

  • Excellent reputation with clients. 

Also we are proven non-litigious.​​

  • Site visits and certification completed internally (not subcontracted/outsourced) - this plays a big part in our high quality analysis and good reputation with the IRS, and of course this also helps us keep our fee very competitive.

  • Ideal lead times.

  • High-capacity for the largest clients.

  • Multi-state licensed.

  • Very competitive pricing. 

  • No hidden fees.  Transparent.

  • Our professional experience allows us the ability to guide facility designs/retrofits in a prescriptive fashion the way the Energy Policy Act intended which also leads to greater deductions.  While not required, this can be a value-added benefit we provide to building owners that many other firms cannot.

Please                                       for more information. 


Located in Louisville, KY, Dohn Engineering is not just a local Licensed Facility/Energy Consulting firm.  We carry Professional Engineering licenses in multiple states to provide the flexibility needed for your projects and can assist nationwide as needed.


We uniquely specialize predominantly in 179D Consulting (and advanced energy consulting) in a way that earns trust with facility owners, architects, engineers, and design-build contractors... our energy analysis greatly benefits from our extensive HVAC design knowledge/experience and unique position in the industry

Encouraging reduced energy usage, the IRS 179D deduction is now permanent (since 2021).  Facility designs can now be planned around it as was the original intent of its creation by the Energy Policy Act of 2005.  This deduction has now been expanded in 2023 to more applications and higher deduction rates.

Our leadership's background and experience prior to EPACT 2005 & 179d focused on HVAC design / scope development and investment grade energy modeling (performance contracting) with one of the most reputable performance contracting firms in the country. 

This experience has molded our team into one of the strongest possible to provide the maximum deduction for your clients.  Our high regard for ethics and our professional licensing will give you peace of mind that your certification will be within the law... we like our clients to sleep well at night.

​Inquire about our reputable R&D Tax Credit and Cost Segregation partners. 

We can refer directly or package as needed.

Facility / Large Business Tax Consulting Specialties:
  • 179D Engineering Tax Deduction Analysis & Certification - Now a permanent tax deduction originally initiated by the 2005 Energy Policy Act, IRS Section 179d now provides a great tax deduction incentive of up to $5.36/sq.ft.+inflation adjustment for facility owners and facility designers/design-build contractors of municipal, tribal, and non-profit-owned buildings.  Your facility upgrades in HVAC, hot water, lighting, and building envelope may qualify. 

  • 45L Engineering Tax Credit Analysis & Certification - IRS Section 45L provides up to $5000 per dwelling unit tax credit mainly for multifamily developers for both new construction and substantial reconstruction and rehabilitation.  This tax analysis must be completed by a qualified 3rd party.  Our team of engineers and tax experts are here to assist.  2022 and older projects are most ideal.  The rules around 45L have become more stringent after 2022 and may not be worth pursuing if you are not already pursuing Energy Star certification - we are happy to help guide you around viability with this tax credit.

  • R&D Tax Credit Analysis & Certification through our partnerships - We can connect you with leading R&D tax credit specialists with excellent reputations or bundle this service in a package if that is preferred. 

  • Cost Segregation - We can connect you with leading cost segregation firms with excellent reputations or bundle this service in a package if that is preferred. 


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