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About Us

Founder and principal engineer:
Keith Dohn, P.E.

Dohn Engineering PLC formed in 2014 after 8 years of experience with IRS Section 179D tax deduction analysis since its inception in 2006, and after 14 years of experience in advanced energy analysis and HVAC / controls design. 


We have come to specialize in two main areas:


  1. IRS Section 179D/45L Facility Tax Deduction/Credit Analysis & Certification (and Energy Consulting/Modeling)

  2. MEP/HVAC Design specialized in restaurant chains, laboratories, and industrial facilities (high exhaust, high ventilation applications)

Thankfully we were cut from the cloth of one of the most respected and progressive performance contracting providers in the nation - one of the best training grounds for advanced HVAC design and energy analysis, and an early adopter of the 179d tax deduction to the degree that they found themselves coaching their original 179D provider at the time (due to the 3rd party requirement) how to complete a proper analysis.  There were not many such providers at that time and even fewer that understood the energy modeling required.  Many changes to the 179D deduction have been made over the years and we have kept abreast of them and their respective IRS and court rulings.  Companies have risen and fallen, especially those that tend to be overly aggressive and non-transparent.  In the end, all you have is your reputation.  We place high importance on this as seen through our records with clients and the IRS.  We look forward to working with your team and growing together as a trusted advisor.
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