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Energy Modeling

Energy Audits & Energy Modeling Services

LEED | Compliance | Prescriptive | HVAC Loads.

Based on experience with the most accurate forms of energy modeling (investment grade performance contracting energy models with guaranteed energy savings), we can assist with a full range of energy modeling services.


Capable of analysis in many different programs - eQuest, Energy Plus, Trane Trace 3D Plus, Trane Trace 700, Open Studio, and others.

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Located near Louisville, KY, Dohn Engineering is not just a local Licensed Energy Consulting firm.  We carry Professional Engineering licenses in multiple states to provide the flexibility needed for your projects and can assist nationwide as needed.


We uniquely specialize in advanced energy consulting in a way that earns trust with facility owners, architects, engineers, and design-build contractors... our energy analysis greatly benefits from our extensive HVAC design knowledge/experience. 


  • LEED/Compliance Modeling – Compare a conceptual or existing facility to universal standards of efficiency by having it modeled adjacent to ASHRAE/IECC baseline specifications (often code minimums).

  • Load Modeling – Do you think your HVAC equipment is undersized/oversized and need verification?  Do you need to guide the design of a new system?  We are here to assist.  Oversized systems can result in short-cycling leading to reduced equipment life, humidity, condensation, and mold problems.  They also cost more up-front.  Undersized systems can result in insufficient comfort cooling and heating, potentially undersized gas and electric utilities/panels/runs which can be costly to correct if you need to replace them with correct-sized equipment.

  • Energy Modeling - Prescriptive, Investment-Grade & Calibrated – A powerful tool for facility owners and system designers.  Analysis backed by an experienced independent licensed mechanical engineer.  Facility managers and system designers will now have the ability to identify comfort issues, guide adjustments, and predict energy usage prior to large investments in facility upgrades, additions, or new facilities.  (Allow 4-6 weeks for completion of initial model).  Backed by 15 years experience in high-liability performance contract energy modeling accurate enough to guarantee energy savings.  Proven.​​


Energy Modeling Services:
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