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University of Louisville

Master of Fine Arts Building

Advanced Mechanical & Plumbing Design
  • 50,000 sq.ft. renovation

  • Scope: Mechanical and plumbing design of the facility. 

  • HVAC design incorporated variable-air-volume roof-top units (VAVRTU) in the office and classroom areas, energy recovery ventilation for high levels of required air turnover due to the arts and anthropology chemicals used, constant-volume roof-top units (CVRTU) in the common areas, air rotation measures in the 3-floor clerestory area, custom high-temp glass/ceramics kiln exhaust and make-up air systems, and custom air filtration systems for some shop areas.

  • Plumbing design incorporated unique shop area and equipment drainage systems, and kiln gas supply.  A good series of communication with the owner allowed this to be well-catered to their needs.  

  • The Department of Fine Arts at the University of Louisville was founded in 1937. In 1946, the Department was endowed as the Hite Art Institute in recognition of the bequest of Allen R. and Marcia S. Hite. The Institute currently has 24 full-time faculty members, a full-time staff of six, and 400 undergraduate and graduate majors in the combined studio, art history, and critical & curatorial studies areas. More information can be found at

    (photo Courtesy Work Architecture & Design – Reference)

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